5-minute Ravioli

Let's face it, a lot of times we are in a hurry to eat, hence fast food and the boom we've seen in this industry. Take out has become ever more popular, especially as we were trying to get our fix of our favorite restaurants during COVID. We want food, and we want food now!

Our family is on the go a lot, like many of you I'm sure, we have club soccer 4 times per week with a total of 5 practices, we also have chorus after school and games and tournaments on the weekends. In turn, when I go shopping I am looking for a variety of things, including fresh fruits and vegetables which can be eaten raw or cooked into meals, other fresh ingredients whether it be meats, fish, or other sources of protein, and then I am looking for quick meals. Something I can make relatively fast, that is so simple my 11-year-old daughter could make it without any trouble. 

I bring to you my 5-minute Ravioli! No, I am not making the pasta from scratch, that would take a bit longer than 5 minutes. I am simply using a fresh, unfrozen store bought ravioli and a few simple ingredients you probably have laying around the house.

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