Storage Guide


Storing Fresh Truffles

When it comes to fresh truffles, we always recommend consuming them as soon as possible. Truffles are best enjoyed when they are fresh, and the longer they are exposed to air the faster their aroma and taste fades. Should you decide to store fresh truffles there are some important considerations.

First question to ask yourself is, "Are you planning to store your truffles for the short-term (1 - 2 weeks) or the long term (2 weeks - 6 months)?"  Either way, it is important to remember that truffles' two worst enemies are time and moisture.

We created this guide as a resource to provide you as much information as possible and to guide you through different storage methods.

Short-Term Storage:

For the short-term storage of your truffles, it is best to refrigerate them at a temperature of 35.5°F – 37.5°F (2°C - 3°C). Prior to refrigeration, they should be individually wrapped in paper towels, and stored in an airtight container. The paper towels absorb water, so you should make sure to change the paper towels at least daily, if not more often. TIP: You can also use a light cotton cloth in place of paper towels.

Long-Term Storage:

If you are planning to store your truffles for an extended period of time, you need to get them into the freezer. Remember it is ideal to have fresh truffles, so this is an alternative solution if they cannot be consumed within days of harvesting. Prior to freezing, individually wrap your truffles in metal foil. TIP: Prior to any storage it is imperative to make sure your truffles are completely dry. Place wrapped truffles into a zip-lock freezer bag, and squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. Now you are ready to freeze your truffles.

When you use frozen truffles, they should NOT be thawed.  They should be shaved or grated immediately, while frozen.

Rice Storage Method:

Some people will store truffles in rice. The most common method is to put a layer of rice in the bottom of your airtight container, space the truffles out, and then continue to fill the container with rice, covering the truffles. Seal the airtight container and place in a dark, dry area of your refrigerator. This method should only be used for about 2 days, as you do not want the truffles to dry out too much. It is important to monitor the quality of your truffles on a daily basis as the rice will absorb moisture. A benefit of this method is your rice will be infused with the truffle aroma and flavor, and it can be used in many rice dishes. Get creative and put your new byproduct to use!

Eggs Storage Method:

Truffles are a great compliment to any egg dish, so why not store them with eggs? You can store your truffles, per our short-term method for 2 - 3 days, in an an airtight container with eggs. The aroma and flavor of the truffles will now be infused into the eggs. Enjoy your truffles, and enjoy your eggs!  Again, this is a short-term method, and you will want to continue to monitor the truffles' quality regularly.

Bottom Line:

Edible truffles are amazing foods that were once reserved only for royalty. We are making this product available to you, and our recommendation is that they are always best fresh, and they should always be used as soon as possible.

However, we want to be a resource and provide you the most common methods of storage so you can enjoy this incredible product without waste. The most important takeaway is to monitor your truffles regularly (daily) to ensure the quality. They degrade over time, so please enjoy them in a timely manner.