How To Use Truffles?

How do you use truffle sauce? How do you cook with truffle sauce? How do you cook with truffles? How do you use fresh truffles? It is actually very easy. Below is a guide to answer all of your questions about cooking with truffles.

How to use Truffle Sauces

Truffletopia Truffle Sauces and Truffletopia Olive Oil

 Truffletopia's truffle sauces are the best truffle sauces! They are versatile and incredibly easy to use. They are ready to use right out of the jar. These sauces will enhance a multitude of dishes with one easy scoop! Visit our recipes page for more ideas!

TIP: Think outside of the box. We are truly the unicorn of the industry in that we do not believe truffles should be relegated to Italian or French cuisines. Try other cuisines, try desserts, try baking with them. They can be used for both sweet or savory foods, and we are here to help educate and train you. If you have questions, email us at

1. Cook with truffle sauce - our truffle sauces are ready to use out of the jar, and can be used by themselves in dishes like pastas, risottos, mashed potatoes, and more. Our sauces can be cooked into other sauces or soups to bring extraordinary new flavors to your favorite dishes!

2. Use truffle sauce like condiments - our truffle sauces can be used as spreads or condiments on favorites like hamburgers or French fries. Try mixing them with your favorite mayonnaise to make a homemade aioli, or mix them with hot sauces, salad dressings, or other condiments.

3. Bake with our truffle sauce - have you experienced truffle biscuits, croissants, or bread? Simply mix some of our sauce into dough recipes or fill the center of a croissant with a little sauce! 

Enjoy our sauces your way! If you like the flavor of truffles, get creative and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and email them to us, so we can share your great ideas with the rest of the world! 


  • Heat sauce on a low temperature to bring out the flavor
  • Mixing our truffle sauce with other sauces is an amazing way to incorporate truffles into numerous dishes
  • Try mixing our black truffle sauce, on low heat, with fruit toppings for desserts like cheesecake, crème brûlée, or ice cream 
  • Our sauces can be paired with many dishes across all cuisines

How to Cook with Fresh Truffles

Sauteed Kale with Mushrooms and Truffle

Ever wonder how to use truffles? Truffles are very delicate. Their aroma is what gives them great flavor, so it is important that you maximize the potential of this delicacy. So you ask, "How do I use truffles?" Well the answer is simple; keep it simple. Dishes with truffles should not have overpowering flavors, and truffles should simply be shaved raw over a fresh cooked dish.

Truffles are a great compliment to many foods, and we look to spread awareness on how truffles are used. Not only can they be used on pastas and eggs or in oils and butters, but you can use fresh shaved truffles on any meats, salads, soups, sauces, pizzas, fries, baked or mashed potatoes, tacos, sushi, burgers, ceviche, and so much more! If you like the flavor of truffles, get creative and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and email them to us, so we can share your great ideas with the rest of the world! 


 A little truffle can go a long way!

  • Recommended serving portions are roughly 5-10 grams per plate.
  • Black truffles can be cooked on very low temperatures, feel free to add mushrooms
  • White truffles should never be cooked.
  • Cooking truffles reduces their aroma and flavor. 
  • Try slicing black truffles on your vanilla ice cream and your other favorite desserts!
  • If it's good with mushrooms, cheese, or garlic, it's probably good with truffles.

How to Shave Truffles | How to Slice Truffles | How to Cut Truffles


Shaving truffles is the most common method cutting them and adding them to a dish. Gourmet chefs and restaurants typically use hand-held truffle shavers. This makes it easy to place your finished dish in front of the customer and then shave the truffles on top. This is done much like when your server asks you if you'd like cracked pepper or Parmesan cheese (obviously with an added cost). Truffle shavers can typically shave or slice truffles paper thin, we're talking less than half of a millimeter. 


  • If you do not have a truffle shaver, you can use a mandoline or vegetable slicer, a vegetable peeler, or even make thin slices with a knife.
  • Thinner shavings are typically preferred as using the same amount of truffle will be spread throughout the dish more evenly.
  • Try using a microplane grater to add small fine pieces of truffle to a dish.