Better than Turkey Gravy!

As we approach the holiday season and start to think of what is going to be on our holiday menus, it's important to think about all of our our friends and family. I absolutely love gravy poured across my Thanksgiving plate, not because the food is bad or because the turkey is dry, but when the gravy is good, it's great!

Here I will tell you how to make the best gravy at any dinner or holiday party, and it's not close! Best thing is this gravy is not made with turkey drippings or chicken stock! This is a recipe that your Vegan and Vegetarian friends will absolutely love! Oh yeah, and everyone else...they're choosing this gravy over whatever classic gravy is on the serving table. I'd bet the whole feast on it!

One last thing! It's way easier to make, and there is no need to wait until the turkey is done cooking to get started!

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