Elite Tuna Salad with White Truffle Sauce

Everyone has had a good tuna salad at some point. Whether it was a tuna sandwich your mom made on a hot summer weekend or if it was an upgraded tuna sandwich from your favorite sandwich shop. Heck you may have even spotted a fancy tuna salad sandwich on the lunch menu of a nice restaurant. 

I always have tuna in my kitchen cupboard, and when you don't have much time or cannot think of what to make, this is one of the easiest 5 minute meals. Tuna salad can be served on a sandwich, in lettuce wraps, over a salad, with crackers, as a tuna melt, or even eaten by itself. It is a very versatile meal, and I am going to give you a versatile recipe to make an Elite Tuna Salad! 

Even if you stumbled across our recipe and aren't a fan of truffles, you can certainly enjoy this one!

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