The Best White Truffle Pizza

When people think of white truffles, they think of Italy. When people think of Italian fare, the first two thoughts are probably pasta and pizza. When we think of family night, pizza gets the nod. Pizza is a dish that everyone loves, so it is only right that I show you how to make the best white truffle pizza!

The awesome thing about this pizza is that it is vegetarian and vegan for your family and friends with dietary needs, and it can also be customized to accommodate other needs, like a gluten-free diet. Should someone want different toppings, you can absolutely try it with our truffle sauces, or you can simply make a second pizza to fit their taste.

While all of you chefs and bakers may be chomping at the bit to make an amazing pizza dough, the rest of you can simply buy a ball of fresh dough (or two, or three, or four) from your local bakery or grocery store for just a few bucks.

Whatever you choose to do, this white truffle pizza recipe will have your friends and family talking for days, and requesting this on occasions where you have the cooking duties. Enjoy!

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