The Philly “Extra” Special Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe

I met The Hot Sauce Sensei via social media a while back.  As truffle hot sauces have become more popular, he has tried a few recipes of his own, but he was very intrigued by our product, and we discussed him making some recipes using our black and white truffle sauces.

As it turns out, for the last few years, he has done a hot sauce for each team playing in the Super Bowl, and he posts the winning recipe on his blog.  He uses the team colors as much as possible when selecting the ingredients, as well as pulling in themes from the regional cuisine.  Here is the recipe he did that was an ode to Kansas City barbecue when the Chiefs won a few years ago - page also includes a breakdown of ripe pepper sauce styles around the world, which is an interesting read for any hot sauce fan. 

His Philadelphia hot sauce recipe is a play on a loaded cheesesteak sandwich, with mushrooms, onions, and green peppers, which in this case is 4 types of green peppers, which goes along with their uniforms and the number of times the team has reached the Super Bowl.  He was thinking about the black alternate uniforms that the Eagles wore this season, which inspired him to make an “alternate” recipe.  He reached out to me about taking his base sauce to the next level, using the Truffletopia Black Truffle Sauce to replace the mushrooms in the original recipe, which I thought was a great idea.

Keep an eye out for more hot sauce recipes here in the near future and check out the 100+ pages of the Hot Sauce Sensei’s online hot sauce cookbook in his blog for more tips on making craft hot sauce and pairing the right hot sauce for every meal, including dessert! His social media pages are also at this link, you want to follow his culinary adventures on the Hot Sauce Highway.

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