Truffle Tuna Pasta (Tuna Helper)

As I continue to show people that truffle doesn't have to be used in intricate recipes, and anyone can do it, I've tried to show various quick or "instant" meals where you can simply add a truffle product, so you reach your desired flavor, and the best part, it doesn't have to be expensive either!

While in college, on a budget, there were many days and nights where I relied on simple, pre-boxed meals, like Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Hamburger Helper, or Lipton Pasta Sides. Sometimes I made them as is or as suggested, while other times I'd make them my own by adding veggies or meat to the pastas even if it didn't call for it.

Whether your pressed for time, looking for a cheap way to feed the family, your tired of the same old meals, or all of the above, this is a great solution to achieve a greater outcome.

If you're not a fan of tuna, you can easily switch it out for other ingredients like chicken (grilled, rotisserie, or your choice of an already cooked meat), or you can simply do it meatless for a nice creamy truffle pasta.

If you don't have truffle oil, you can easily substitute the Truffletopia Black Truffle Oil with one of our truffle sauces, and if you really want to take it next level, you can add our truffle carpaccio at the end of cooking, so you get slices of real truffle in every bite.

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