Truffle Udon Noodle Soup

When I was a kid, I was fortunate to take a trip to Disney World almost every year. Of course I loved the rides, getting character's signatures, and just spending the time with my mom and brother. However, one of my fondest memories, is going to Japan in Epcot every visit. 

Yes, the store is cool, and I will always remember watching people dish out money at the Pick-a-Pearl station. They would buy oyster after oyster, hoping for their desired pearl to be inside. I loved the snacks and candy section, despite getting told no to the things I wanted to pick out. I'll never forget taking my future wife to Japan and her picking out her favorite sensu, or Japanese folding fan. The memories go on forever!

The best part about Disney World and Japan at Epcot was the food. Was it the best food? I don't know, but the memories made it the best! I remember my very first time, I didn't know what to get (I was probably 4 years old or so), so I ordered Chicken Yakitori, and my mom ordered Shrimp Udon. I wanted the same as her, so I also got a bowl. Ever since that day, this was always my order, and to this day, Udon is one of my favorite types of noodles and soups!

Once we finished with our meals, we would go outside and enjoy a fresh shaved ice. I think this was my grandma's favorite, the couple times she came with us, and I know my mom always looked forward to it, but I will always remember ordering Shrimp Udon and Chicken Yakitori every single time we went!

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This was such a great idea. I also took the route of adding truffle sauce to my ramen. Very simple way to elevate a simple dish or bowl of soup. I always add other ingredients to ramen, so why not truffle?

Melissa Li-Ng

I used the White Truffle Sauce in Ramen noodles, the cheap ones! I added two eggs and some veggies, and my Truffle Ramen was sooo good! I can’t wait to try the Black Truffle Sauce, and I’m going to look into buying the other sauces as well. What a great way to use truffles that I never knew!

Hannah Ward

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