Truffletopia "Classic" Caesar Dressing

Everyone loves a good Caesar Salad Dressing, and when it's done right, it's a perfect way to elevate a simple salad of Romaine Lettuce. Making caesar dressing is very simple. All it takes is the right amount of ingredients and blending them together.

Caesar dressing is named after Caesar Cardini, an Italian Immigrant of San Diego, California, who owned restaurants in the United States and Mexico. The caesar salad was invented at his Tijuana restaurant in the 1920s, a restaurant that was opened to circumvent prohibition for Californians that were willing to travel. Cardini said that the salad became known in 1937 when the recipe was given to Hollywood restaurants by a department head of Paramount Pictures.

Throughout time, there have been multiple takes on the dressing: with or without anchovies, with lime instead of lemon, and with more or less Worcestershire sauce.

Here we give you an original caesar salad dressing recipe done by Chef Abe, of Thanks4HavingMe in Island Park, New York. Chef Abe is a personal chef, who specializes in private dinners and dinner parties to bring fine dining to your home.

Chef Abe has been kind enough to share his recipes with us, and with you, so you can make chef quality meals, with Truffletopia, in the comfort of your home! Thanks Chef!

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