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Olives and Summer Truffle Spread (Tapenade)

Olives and Summer Truffle Spread (Tapenade)

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Truffletopia's Olives and Summer Truffle Spread

  • Truffletopia. Our truffle sauces are changing how truffles are used. They are amazing when used on their own as pasta sauce or pizza sauce. However, they can easily be made into their own truffle cream sauce or added to your favorite sauce to make truffle spaghetti sauce, truffle alfredo sauce, truffle pesto, truffle salad dressing, truffle hot sauce, truffle honey, truffle butter, truffle mayo, truffle aioli, and more. Make your perfect truffle sauce in seconds!

  • Our Olives and Summer Truffle Spread uses Real Black Truffles.  We’ve combined these high-quality truffles with rich Italian mushrooms and the best Italian Olives to make a luxury, ready-to-use gourmet sauce. Truffletopia Olives and Summer Truffle Spread is a gluten free, non-GMO, no MSG, no carbohydrates, cholesterol free, and sugar free! It is pescatarian friendly, great keto food or keto snacks, and it will not make your food greasy or salty like other truffle oil or truffle salt.

  • The Best Tapenade on the Market. Our Olives and Summer Truffle Spread is a great addition to burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, charcuterie boards and grazing boards It pairs well with meat, cheese, nuts, and fruits. It makes for a great dip and can be added to your favorite sauces. It is amazing for traditional truffle favorites like, risotto, polenta, pasta, pizza, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, and truffle fries. Use low or indirect heat on the stove.

  • Trusted By Chefs. This spread can be used as topping or condiment, and it is easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes for restaurant quality meals. Truffletopia Olives and Summer Truffle Spread is better than truffle oil and truffle salt, as it will not compromise the outcome of dishes like truffle oil or truffle salt. This is an affordable way to experience The Diamond of the Kitchen.

  • Only The Best. Our sauce is a product of Italy, and we use the best ingredients to make a fine, gourmet truffle sauce. Our truffle farm location has been featured on HGTV, and we can’t wait to share our truffle experience with you!

Truffletopia uses real black truffles, olives, and rich mushrooms, sourced directly from Italy. This sauce/spread can be used to top favorites, like pizzas, pastas, and risottos, or it can be easily added to eggs, poultry, seafood, soups, and salads. It is great for charcuterie, cheese plates, sandwiches, and toast, and when you want a little something more, try it with at-home recipes, like nachos, breads, dips, or deviled eggs. It can be paired with meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and more!

Our Olive and Summer Truffle Spread can be used as a topping, condiment, dip, or dressing, and it can be easily incorporated into your favorite recipes. This is a great way to experience the Black Summer Truffles at an affordable cost, without the fear of messing up fresh black truffles and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are a chef, foodie, or just a casual cook and you like truffle, you will absolutely love this!

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  • Use low heat when cooking with or incorporating into recipes. This will help bring out the flavor. 
  • Sauce can be baked into foods for extra truffle goodness!
  • Use as little as a teaspoon or tablespoon for an entire meal, depending on meal size and other flavors.
  • Cut back on herbs and spices, and let the truffle be the star of your dish!

Ingredients: Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), extra virgin olive oil, black olives 18,5%, sunflower seed oil, Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) 3%, anchovies (fish) 3%, capers, salt, flavoring

NON-GMO/No MSG/Gluten-Free: The product does not contain and does not come from genetically modified organisms. It does not contain monosodium glutamate or gluten.

Color & Taste: Brown colored sauce, with fine texture and consistency, with small pieces of olives, mushrooms, and truffles. Typical olive taste enhanced by Italian Summer Truffles.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark area, and avoid direct light and heat. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 7 days.



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