Black Truffle Blueberry Sauce for Pancakes and Desserts

When most people think of truffles they think of pasta, risotto, polenta, steak, or even dishes like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. These are all fine uses and pairings for the truffle, but the truffle is much more versatile and is not limited to savory dishes. Can you use truffle in desserts? Can you use truffle in honey? Can you use truffle in syrups? Can you pair truffle with fruits? This one recipe answers all of those questions, and the short answer is, yes!

The first time I had heard of truffle being use in something that wasn't savory, was when Josh told me how someone mixed black truffle into store bought ice cream. My mind was blown, especially when he raved about how good it was. To the unsuspecting you wouldn't think a truffle had any place in ice cream, unless you were talking about chocolate truffles.

Another experience I had was when we brought truffles and our truffle products to a local restaurant. The chef formerly worked for celebrities as a private chef, and did a 5-course meal on the spot. We had a form of  truffle caprese, truffle French onion soup, truffle risotto, a truffle entree with meat and vegetables, but the star of the show was a vanilla bean creme brûlée with strawberry compote. This was by far one of the best desserts I've ever had at a restaurant. The crazy thing is I've been able to recreate this truffle compote and other sweet truffle sauces that are second to none simply by adding a little bit of Truffletopia truffle sauce.

Without further ado, I bring you Black Truffle Blueberry Sauce. This simple recipe can be used on breakfast items like pancakes and waffles or it can be used for ice cream or cheesecake. You can use this blueberry sauce as a topping or as a filling. Truffle blueberry pie or truffle turnovers would be an excellent way to use it. Just adjust the recipe as need to achieve the desired quantity. Enjoy!

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