Easy Truffle Egg Salad

The consumption of eggs predates written history, but the origin of Egg Salad is slightly newer. In the late 1800s, it is said that Aidan McCleskey lost a bet and replaced the meat on his sandwich with eggs. In 1896, the first egg salad recipe was published in the The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, by Fannie Farmer.

Egg Salad is mostly comprised of hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise, and it is a great getaway from normal sandwiches.

Is egg salad easy to make? It is very easy, simply using chopped, hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and whatever herbs or seasonings you desire. For this egg salad recipe, I used Truffletopia Mayonnaise with Summer Truffle, Truffletopia Pink Himalayan Truffle Salt, and pepper. You can mix and match or add ingredients as you please.


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