Truffle Whipped Cream

As I was thinking of items to truffle for the holidays, I had a lot of ideas of traditional dishes and how I could incorporate our different sauces. However, one thing I knew is that I wanted to do something different, something most people probably wouldn't try, something that I knew would stand out from all of the other dishes. It had to be dessert! 

Growing up, my whole family used to come over for a Thanksgiving feast, and a Christmas feast at that, and we would have a table full of pies. Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple, Sweet Potato, Cherry typically made up the spread of mouth-watering flavors. While I know I could incorporate truffles into a couple if not all of those pies I wanted to do something more versatile and less time consuming. Why not make something that can go with all or most of those? How about a good homemade whipped cream!

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I saw the pancake recipe with truffles and then saw this truffle whipped cream, so instead of adding truffle to the pancakes, I decided to make this whipped cream for my pancakes. It was a wonderful idea and I highly recommend. I’m going to need more truffle sauce soon, this is the best truffle product I’ve used!


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