Black Truffle Mac & Cheese

As I was prepping some holiday dishes, one that I had to do was Mac and Cheese. Many of us probably share in this dish in one form or another, so it was definitely a must! Before I ever got the chance, The Low Carb Contessa shared her awesome White Truffle Macaroni & Cheese recipe with us, so I held off for a short time.

Well just yesterday, I whipped up some Mac & Cheese with Black Truffle Sauce, and it was great! The cheeses I used are sharp and can be a little much for some, but when adding the truffle into the recipe is subdued the sharpness, and helped propel the truffle and dish as a whole to the next level. Feel free to switch up the cheeses slightly, but always use fresh block cheese and shred it yourself. The pre-shredded cheese just doesn't melt properly! Enjoy! 

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