The Best Sourdough Bread - White Truffle

If you read my post about Focaccia Bread, not long ago, my daughter really wanted me to make Sourdough, but I did not have sourdough starter, and I wasn't trying to make a starter myself. Well, lo and behold, one of my friends had a starter going, and a few days later, she asked me if I would like some.

I'd never made sourdough starter myself. I had briefly read about it, when looking to see if I could make sourdough for my daughter that day, so I did not decline the opportunity, because I knew it was a process, and fortunately for us, she took on the burden of getting the starter started.

Autumn gave me some starter (part of her discard, you'll learn more as you read about the recipe). The starter was almost 2 weeks in, so it was definitely getting to a nice ripe point. I started feeding the starter daily, doing the whole discard thing into a large jar my wife bought me, specifically for this.

I was ready to make some sourdough, but I had no dutch oven to cook it in. I looked up ways to make sourdough without a dutch oven, but I decided it would be best to buy one. After another week or so of feeding the starter, until I could make time to get to the store and purchase a dutch oven, I was finally ready to make sourdough.

I initially started with a regular sourdough loaf, for my daughter and wife (ladies first!), but ultimately I knew, like everything else, I needed to make a truffle version. To no surprise, we all loved the regular loaf of sourdough bread, and I must say it went very quickly. 

As soon as the next ball of dough had rested and was ready, I got it into the oven. This loaf was the White Truffle Sourdough that I am providing a recipe for. Again, to no surprise, it was amazing!

Like always, before posting my recipes, I get confirmation from family and friends that it is good to go and that they like it. To do so, I sliced half of the loaf, and I gave it to Josh. Two days later, I come to find out Josh's brother and his brother's roommate crushed it. They were in town, visiting from college for spring break, and they got a treat of the truffle goodies we have at Truffletopia. The best part, Josh sent me a video of them eating slice after slice, until it was all gone! The next day, I grabbed one more slice to make some avocado toast, and I took the rest over to Kriston and Brandon so they could enjoy it before heading home.

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