Easy Olive Truffle Focaccia Bread

This past weekend, as I was waking up, I hear my wife, Brittany, asking our daughter, Lily, what she would like for breakfast. Rewind to last year when Lily first tried sourdough bread and she absolutely fell in love. Back to the story...she responded, "Sourdough!" 

We didn't have any sourdough bread in the house, so Brittany went down the list of things we do have (I'm sure no other parents ever have to do this), and eventually she proceeded and started making breakfast. This comprised of bacon, eggs (a cheese omelette to be exact), and grits.

As I was listening, I thought, can I make sourdough? It's something I have not done, but it's something I love. I started looking at recipes online, and to my dismay, I realized I didn't have any sourdough starter, nor was I ready to try my hand at making my own sourdough starter.

I knew I had instant yeast and active dry yeast, so making bread wasn't out of the question. The last bread I made was a French bread (with and without truffle), so I thought I'd try my had at something new, Focaccia! I had not made fresh focaccia bread, myself, but I sure do enjoy it, so I searched for recipes, and the one that stood out to me was done by Alexandra Stafford. You can see her original recipe here, Overnight, Refrigerator Focaccia = The Best Focaccia Bread Recipe.

I loved the fact that she included multiple ways, and it was her take on other recipes she had tried, basically what I do for every recipe I end up with. With that being said, I offered up a couple of options to Brittany and Lily, saying I could do a herb focaccia or a jalapeño, cheddar version. They choose herb. I studied the recipe and had at it. The only thing I changed was adding some fresh chopped rosemary, from our garden, directly into the dry ingredients before adding the water, and I added fresh rosemary leaves on top before baking.

Ultimately, I chose the quick route, and I let the dough rise for 2+ hours, after the dimpling process, I let the dough rise for about another half hour, until it really filled out the pan. In the meantime, which I already knew I was going to do, I started making a truffle focaccia. I wanted to use our Olives & Summer Truffle Spread, as I thought this would provide a great flavor throughout and be an easy way to add a gourmet feel and a touch of luxury to focaccia. With this loaf, I decided to try the overnight method. Long story short, both the Rosemary Focaccia and the Olive Truffle Focaccia came our great! Thanks Alexandra!

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