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The Platinum Package - Truffle Sauce Trio

The Platinum Package - Truffle Sauce Trio

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The Platinum Package includes a trio Truffletopia sauces. The best both worlds plus your choice of Truffletopia Olives and Summer Truffle Spread or Truffletopia Porcini Mushrooms and White Truffle Cream! The Platinum Package makes a great gift option and sampler! Save when purchasing a trio of our sauces!

Enjoy or give the gift of The Diamond of the Kitchen. These luxury gourmet sauces allow you an affordable way to eat like royalty and share in the experience of eating the world's most expensive and rare foods!  


Ingredients & More Information: Please visit individual product pages. Links above.

NON-GMO: These products do not contain and do not come from genetically modified organisms.

Storage: 36 months unopened at room temperature. Avoid direct light and heat. Once opened, store at 35.5°F – 37.5°F (2°C - 3°C) and consume within 7 days.



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